I will frequently update my site from here on out as ideas continue! My artwork, as it seems now, will hit my website before any of my social media, so, if you keep up with my site, you’ll hear it all here first (not to mention watch my progression as an artist as it’s happening)! I am currently working towards opening up the shop here and expressing various new plans for more elaborate schemes, so you might want to keep up with me however you see fit 😉

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Occasional Bits of News

This is where I will post bits of information about my art.  What will I post? Who knows. I doubt I’ll post frequently, but we shall see what happens.  In the meantime, you can almost always find me on facebook.

I draw with charcoal or pencil or ink.

I paint with ink and water, acrylic paint, watercolors, spray paint and…

I sculpt with papier-mâché or clay or anything else that I can find.

I take photos using my iPhone, typically.

You could go here and look at some of my art. Or you could go here to find out more about me.


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